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We are an IT services outsourcing provider, that helps our customers transitioning the world into the next phase.

We do this by servicing our customers with excellent IT services supporting them to inspire, empower and connect enlightened companies and people.




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We are specialised in a number of industries like:



The financial industry services sector is moving fast. Delivering fast, innovative and reliable software solutions it’s a must in order to optimize the businesses processes, increase efficiency and attract new customers. In the financial industry, even more than in any other industry out there, trust and efficiency are the main factors taken into consideration before making a financial related decision.


The solutions we have developed for our customers are helping thousands of end-users worldwide create and deliver digital experiences for today’s world.


The solutions we create enable consumers to move and manage money with ease, speed and convenience.


Our unique ability is to address the requirements for banks and financial institutions of any size and scope.

Transport and logistic companies are innovating fast. We distinguish three main categories where we support them:


Digitization: enabling our customers to optimize their planning and operations based on real-time data


Technology: improving technology to achieve optimized, energy-efficient and safe processes


Flexible management: supporting smooth collaboration within and between companies

Any combination of activities or technologies that break existing performance tradeoffs in the attainment of an outcome, in a manner that expands the realm of the possible. Defined in healthcare as providing “more for less” – more value, better outcomes, greater convenience, access and simplicity; all for less cost, complexity, and time required by the patient and the provider, in a way that expands what is currently possible.

In line with this vision we are focussing focus on the following innovation topics together with our partners and customers:


Point-of-care diagnostics: Allow for convenient, timely testing at the point of care (e.g., physician office, ambulance, home or hospital), resulting in faster, more cohesive patient care.


Artificial intelligence: The ability of computers to think and complete tasks currently performed by humans with greater speed, accuracy and lower resource utilization


Leveraging social media to improve patient experience: Tapping data from social media and online communities to give healthcare organizations the ability to track consumer experience and population health trends in real-time


Telehealth: A more convenient way for consumers to access and increase self-care while potentially reducing office visits and travel time; may also prevent complications and emergency room visits

Technologies we use

We specialize in modern technologies, from Microsoft .NET frameworks to Java, from Cloud Technologies to Mobile Development.

We help you innovating using MI/ML, Blockchain and IoT.




We execute projects for customers on an outsourcing base. Our IT excellence Centre is based in Cluj-Napoca, in Romania.

This city often is called the Silicon Valley of Europe due to the large amount of IT people that study and work here. Many companies from all over the world execute their IT projects in Cluj-Napoca.

IT Solutions & IT Services Company based in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Utrecht (NL).

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While the world is our studio we have set up offices in both the Netherlands and Romania.
Our team consists of thinkers, builders, managers and visionaries. Together we grow.
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